Sapodilla Naturals was started by Tessa Alexander in 2015. Her vision was to have a brand with products which are safe, healthy and fun!

Tessa Alexander is a Mother, Friend and Humanitarian. An Empower of women and children. A lover of all things Natural. Her journey to Sapodilla Naturals began in her teenage years, with her love for creating products with simple and natural ingredients. To avoid using products filled with chemicals due to her sensitive skin and asthma.
The name Sapodilla Naturals was created as a way to honor, The Sapodilla Home an orphanage she lived in as a child on the beautiful island of Grenada. She describes it as a place that gave her a chance in life and where her fondest childhood memories were made. Through this name she would always have a memory of that.
Her goals are to be able to help children and mothers in need all over the Globe. Her upbringing gives her a strong need to give back.

 “Giving back comes naturally when you are always given. I’m always looking for a way to be kind to a friend or to help a stranger.”- Tessa Alexander

When you make purchase from Sapodilla Naturals you are receiving products made with love and quality ingredients. With Vegan and All Natural options available, you can choose which is best fits your lifestyle.
Tessa believes there are so many things out there making us sick. If you can avoid using toxic products, why not choose a healthier option!