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Use the link on the home page to create an account. 

Your friends and family will make a purchase using your personal link and code. This allows us to track your sales. (Your code must be used to qualify)

The customer will receive a 15 % discount and you will receive 30% commission from the sale of the item(not including shipping or taxes). We will process and ship orders as usual.


Please follow these rules for a successful Partnership. 

1. An affiliate may not use their own code. 

2. Please offer your web link to potential buyers. This is to track the sale. 

3. Buyer must complete their own sale using your code.

4.Customers must use your code to qualify. 

5. All sales must be made on you link with your code to qualify for commission. 

6. Affiliates may not use their own link for purchase.

6. Shipping and Taxes are not calculated for commission.

7. Candle of the month sales are an ongoing transaction and does not qualify.

8. E-gift cards do not qualify.

9. We have the right to deny any affiliate sale

10. Buyers using the affiliate program may request a return up to 3 days after delivery. All items must be in its original packing and condition. 

11. Affiliates will be paid after 3 day return request window has elapsed. 

12. *Payment will be sent after the return window closes. Payments will be made only via PayPal. Please add your PayPal account for commission payments.*