This GAURANTEE only applies to the purchase of the money back GUARANTEE set. This set totals $80 and includes 3 Glow scrubs and 1 Galaxy Scrub. 

*EXTREME cases of ACNE and OTHER CHRONIC skin issues that needs medical attention does not qualify for a return. 


Here are the rules

-You must take a (before picture) with a date stamp

-You must use this scrub for 30 days, 2 times a day. 

-You must submit your (after picture) with a date stamp(if requesting money back). Picture must be 30 days after use.

-You must also use the galaxy mask once a week(included free) 


Any and all dark spots removed are considered satisfied. Even tone and blemishes removed are considered satisfied. 

Some Scars need more than 30 days for complete removal. The 30 days only guarantees improvement and fading. Continue use for more results. 


We do not guarantee everyday pimples won't be present. 

Any request to get money back must include an after picture time stamped 30 days after consistent use. 

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